PBG Legislative Priority Issues:

Presbyterians for a Better Georgia maintains a year-in, year-out commitment to advocating in two policy areas that have a direct connection to the ministries of our congregations: creating access for all Georgians to physical and mental healthcare and eliminating homelessness/increasing the availability of affordable housing.

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Healthcare Access


In addition, PBG will advocate on other issues that connect to the Matthew 25 ministries of our congregations. 


For information about pending legislation, go to the Georgia General Assembly website and click the "Legislation" tab.

How to BE an effective Advocate

Express your passion. Let them know why you care.

Personalize this. Make sure the legislator understands how this issue affects you and your family, and why you care about it.

Prepare a brief message and a few points that support your position.

Think about the issues you want to raise and why. Assemble a few facts to support your position. Address how this affects you, your family, your community and the State of Georgia.

Walk a mile in the legislator’s shoes. Know something about your audience.

Learn about your legislator. Do you have a personal contact? What part of the state does s/he represent? If s/he represents you, be sure to say so! This will build up their interest level very fast. What is their profession or business? Do they belong to a committee that would be addressing one of your issues of concern? How will your issue affect them in the next election? Are many of the people he or she represents affected by this issue? All of these factors how they may react to your request and what might motivate them to support you.

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