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Presbyterians for a Better Georgia hosts events throughout the legislative season. From advocacy trainings to Lobby Days. Check back here to get the news and register for events.

P4BG held online Advocacy Training in February and gathered in person for Lobby Day on March 5, 2024 at Central Presbyterian Church before going to the Capitol.

The Epitome of Innovation

Rep. Betsy Holland recognizes PBG Lobby Day participants in the gallery.jpg
Trinity Presbyterian participants - Heather, Jamie, Rebekah.jpeg

Heather Franklin (Community Engagement Manager at BCM Georgia), Rev. Jamie Butcher (Pastor of Covenant Presbyterian Church) and Rev. Rebekah LeMon (Pastor of Trinity Presbyterian Church & PBG Board Member).

House Chamber viewed from the gallery

Rep. Betsy Holland recognizes PBG Lobby Day

Thanks to all     Lobby Day participants!

A group of 45 PBG supporters met early at Central Presbyterian Church to prepare to go to the Capitol. Elizabeth Appley, PBG's public policy advocate briefed us on key issues and introduced several legislators who addressed the group.  Special thanks to Rep. Kasey Carpenter (R-Dalton), Sen. Kim Jackson (D-Atlanta), Rep. Betsy Holland (D-Atlanta). and to our advocate, Elizabeth Appley.

PBG leader, Rev. David Lewicki, North Decatur Presbyterian Church, provided tips and inspiration.  We broke into 6 teams and practiced interacting with legislators before going across the street. A group photo was taken on the second floor steps by the PCUSA Mission Communications team that was video taping the PBG event. We went to the House gallery where Rep. Holland recognized PBG from the House well. We met with several representatives on the House rope line. Afterwards, we returned to Central Presbyterian church to debrief and to sit for interviews with the Communications Team.

Trinity Participants.jpg

Trinity Church Participants

On the rope line.jpg

At the rope line

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