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Presbyterians for a Better Georgia
A partnership of Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) congregations.

We amplify the voices of citizens concerned with all Georgians in need of housing and healthcare.

What We Do

We serve our most vulnerable neighbors.
Giving voice to congregations and nonprofits alike.

The 2023 General Assembly is
in session

House Speaker Jon Burns and House Leadership support HB 404, the Safe at Home Act, a bill aligned with PBG's values of better access to shelter, food, healthcare, employment, and critical safety net services.

From the Feb. 14th, 2023 edition of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

“The Safe at Home Act would require landlords to provide rental homes that are “fit for human habitation” and increase protections for tenants who are facing eviction because they failed to pay their rent on time. Current state law does not specify what conditions make a home habitable, and tenants must continue to pay rent even if their rental is unsafe to live in.”

This is a direct invitation to advocate on these essential issues. In the last session, advocacy like ours contributed to Speaker Ralston’s support for and ultimate passage of the Mental Health Parity Act. Our advocacy makes a difference!

So it’s never too soon to contact your legislators, especially in an election year. Find your state senator and representative’s contact information at

Our Mission:

Effect legislation that supports vulnerable Georgians on behalf of our partner congregations

Engage and equip members of partner congregations to be advocates

Become Georgia's leading faith-based advocacy organization

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