Presbyterians for a Better Georgia is a partnership of Presbyterian Church (USA) congregations. We help give congregations, nonprofits, and individuals a voice in the halls of public decision-making while serving our most vulnerable neighbors.

Our mission is to:

  • Effect legislation that supports vulnerable Georgians on behalf of our partner congregations through direct engagement with legislators

  • Engage and equip members of partner congregations to be advocates in the sphere of public policy

  • Become Georgia's leading faith-based advocacy organization by sharing about our work through communications and public events, and by continually adding engaged partners: churches, nonprofits, and individual members

Legislative Priorities for 2021

We advocate for policies that will make Georgians safer, healthier and more secure:

  • Health Care: Increase access to quality health care for all.

  • Homelessness and Housing: Support access to shelter, food, healthcare, employment, and critical safety net services.

An Invitation to Faith Leaders
by Atty. Elizabeth Appley, PBG Policy Advocate
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Presbyterians for a Better Georgia is doing exciting work to advocate for policy that makes Georgia better for all of us. We partner with churches, non-profits, and individuals to accomplish our goals, and members do not need to be part of the PCUSA to join. Take the next step by becoming a member today! Click here to learn more.
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