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PBG 2023 Legislative Forum

With election day behind us (and run-off just ahead), PBG is hosting a virtual forum to better understand the legislative landscape we face in the 2023 General Assembly. We'll be honing in on children's health and housing issues in the state of Georgia!
More information here.

Health Care News

Crossover Day is Monday March 8, 2021

The deadline for talking to your legislators about these key bills is Monday

Crossover Day means that bills that start in the House must pass there, and go to the Senate for debate before Monday or that bill is dead for the session. The same for Senate bills: they must pass the whole Senate and go to the House for debate or they are dead for the session.

Please Contact your legislators

Ask them to support this legislation and help our fellow Georgians in need:


House Bill 408:
Before filing for eviction, landlords must:



  • Give tenant 7-day notice in writing

  • Give tenant 7 days to “cure” – to arrange back rent or fix other deficiencies

  • Saves costs for tenants and landlords

  • Reduces risk of homelessness

House Resolution 52:

  • Would create a study commission for prevention of childhood lead poisoning in Georgia


AJC: Georgia lawmakers move to get more children insured

"Tens of thousands of uninsured Georgia children could gain a pathway to health coverage under a House bill moving through the General Assembly. [...]
"House Bill 163, which passed the House Health and Human Services Committee earlier this week, would direct the state Department of Community Health to submit the new enrollment mechanism — known as the express lane — to federal officials for approval." More at  Posted February 15, 2021

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