Urge Gov. Kemp to Sign HB 346

We have learned that a deluge of opposition to HB 346 has been mobilized to the Governor’s office. The bill is on the Governor’s desk and he has until May 12 to sign or veto. Please write a letter, call, or email the Governor explaining why this law is needed in Georgia and urge him to sign this bill!
We need many voices to urge Governor Kemp to sign this legislation to address retaliatory evictions in Georgia and help code enforcement do their job to address unsafe and unhealthy housing.
Click here to learn more about HB 346, and download a letter template with talking points here.
Contact the Governor:
Letter:       The Honorable Brian Kemp
                 Governor of the State of Georgia
                 206 Washington Street
                 111 State Capitol
                 Atlanta, GA 30334
Telephone: (404) 656-1776
Email: Constituent Services and cody.hall@georgia.gov in the Governor’s Press Secretary’s Office.
Talking Points:
HB 346 will protect families living in rental homes facing mold, leaking roofs, rats, insect infestations, lead, radon, and unsafe electrical and other conditions when they exercise their right to seek repairs and complain to code enforcement.  These conditions are forcing children and vulnerable adults into the emergency rooms and hospitals across the state in high numbers. Georgia is the only state in the country that does not protect tenants against unsafe and uninhabitable housing conditions with a “warranty of habitability.” 
HB 346 would allow Georgia to join 41 other states (including FL, TN, TX, AL, NC, SC, MS VA, etc.) that prohibit landlords from retaliating against tenants with evictions merely for seeking repairs for unhealthy and unsafe housing.
Georgia has some of the highest eviction rates in the country. After eviction families have an even harder time finding a place to live, children are forced to change schools, and families are forced into less stable and less desirable housing. 

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