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How to Advocate


Our mission at Presbyterians for a Better Georgia is to effect legislation that supports vulnerable Georgians on behalf of our partner congregations and organizations, and to engage and equip members to be advocates in the sphere of public policy. We advocate for policies that will make Georgians safer, healthier and more secure. As an organization, we make it a priority to educate and train churches, non-profits, and individual members on how to contact legislators directly and use their public voice to influence policy changes for the greater good.

Many people are hesitant to talk with their elected officials face-to-face, and that is understandable. The legislative process is not always easy to make sense of, even for the most seasoned lobbyist. With that in mind, our legislative advocate has created this helpful Advocacy 101 Guide that provides tips, best practices, and useful exercises to guide your lobbying experience and make you a more effective advocate.

Download our advocacy guide:

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